Wherever Wellness with Dr. Sunita

The story of creating a unique clinical experience…

You know that feeling when you find a health care provider that you connect with, you trust them and you feel well taken care of? They are those health care providers that make your health their priority and you feel empowered because of it. Then something happens where you move, they move, or your insurance changes… then what? This has happened to my clients and I on several occasions.  It is the worst feeling to no longer be able to receive care from a trusted provider, and for me to be able to be the provider for a family that I truly care about.

Many of my families have moved to other parts of the country and the world and have not been able to find a provider in their area who will take the time to get to know them, have a discussion, and answer questions kindly.  Many of my families are right here in the Puget Sound area and are in the care of OB’s, fertility clinics, specialists, or other providers and just want a little extra input or the ‘natural perspective’.  And many of you, like me, find it nearly impossible to get into the office during business hours because life is just so full!

This has had me spinning my wheels for the past year on a way to come up with a virtual option, so that no matter where I am and no matter where you are we can have a long lasting relationship.

I have had a lot of requests from my families, their families and friends, and the larger community to create a different kind of care, especially for those who are not able to connect with a natural doctor in their area.  I have been working for the past year on how to integrate doing all of the things that I love: being a doctor, midwife, mother, wife, and business owner.  At the same time, I want to reach the people who want and need individualized care, who want a natural approach to their own healing, and who want to be respected and heard.  ‘Doctor’ originates from the word Docere, which means ‘teacher’; this is the heart of what I do and what I want to share with you and your family.

If any and all of these things are true for you, your family, or your extended network, Wherever Wellness may be just what you and your family are looking for.

What can you expect by working together?

  • You still get my undivided attention for you and your family; my goal is to have you feel just like we are face-to-face in my office.
  • This is your time to use as you like for you or your family members to discuss your health goals, discussing specific topics related to natural family health, or addressing a particular concern.  You don’t have to have a ‘problem’, as is typical in the insurance-based model.
  • You can be anywhere in town or the world, and in any time zone!
  • Scheduling can be more flexible because we are not tied to ‘normal business hours.’
  • You can keep all of your docs and specialists, and our work together will integrate and support your health provider’s plan.  My role is as your natural health consultant whether for preconception and fertility, pregnancy and postpartum, or pediatrics and parenting.
  • Establishing an ongoing working relationship where we learn from each other is the juicy part of the healing process.  We create steps to guide you and your family toward your goals, and each month we adapt and adjust to where you are in the moment.
  • The teaching does not end with the visit!  The articles, handouts, videos, and materials I share with you will support your learning process, and encourage you to want to know more.

The monthly fee is $87 paid directly by PayPal (see below) and the terms are pretty simple!  With your monthly subscription you have will have access to:

  • One 30-minute call or Skype visit per month
  • My monthly newsletter list where you get more of the ‘inside scoop’ and specific treatment plans than what I share in my blog and Facebook posts. Subscribe here!
  • My videos, home care ‘books’ and webinars for free as members that I will normally offer a-la-carte to non-members.  These videos and webinars include discussions on natural preconception and pregnancy preparation, newborn and infant sleep issues, school-year immune protection and boosting, my Vaccine Talk, and many more.  Of course, I will always keep adding to the library of materials that you will have access to for as long as we work together.

To get started now with Wherever Wellness simply click on the button below and I will be in touch. Look forward to seeing you soon, Dr. S

Buy now: $87.00/month
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