About Dr. Sunita

ENM21bwThe concept of ‘choice’ is ultimately what drew me to naturopathic medicine and midwifery. As a counselor in a residential program for pregnant and parenting teenage women in Boston, I witnessed the frustrating lack of options and choice available to them. When informed choices were offered, that alone was enough to empower, encourage, and transform them from teenagers to parents. It is that same transformation that occurs with having education, choices, and being an advocate in our own lives that I want for every mother and family. I love being with families as they welcome their little ones into their lives, learn to parent in our crazy world, and everything they have known is changed forever.  It is definitely one of the most incredible and powerful experiences.  It should get to feel incredible, powerful, fun, sad, and- most importantly- witnessed.

I completed my undergraduate studies at the University of Chicago (’98), and eventually found my way to Bastyr University here in Seattle where I graduated as both a licensed midwife and naturopathic physician.  I practice as a naturopathic family physician in Kenmore, WA providing complete family & pediatric care.  My specialty and my love is working with moms, postpartum, kiddos, and the whole process of becoming and growing as a family.

I am yet another East Coast transplant to the Pacific Northwest. I love living in the Seattle area with my incredible other-half and our son.  We feel lucky to live, play, and work in paradise.

To find me and learn more about what I do with my time, please check out www.eastsidenaturalmedicine.com


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